Making the ultimate Valentines dinner at home

Making the ultimate Valentines dinner at home

27 January 2021

Whether you’re a true romantic, or just love a well cooked meal, Valentines Day is a chance to not only spoil the one you love, but also spoil your inner chef. So get your chef hat out and get creating.
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Whether you think much of Valentines Day or not, it’s a good excuse to get every frying pan and saucepan out and cook to your heart’s content. This is your opportunity to try out that fancy recipe you saw but never found the right moment. It’s an opportunity to not only treat the one you love, but also treat your inner chef.

So this Valentines day, try flavours you wouldn’t normally put together. Buy ingredients you usually put back on the shelves and set yourself some time to become the chef of your dreams in your very own kitchen.

We’ve got a menu of recipes here to whet your appetite. Take a look and remember that here at Circulon we’ve been engineering cookware for decades so you can take that leap into the kitchen, without worrying about the usual cooking problems.



Start off your Valentines meal with a dish that hits all the notes on your palette. Pair sweet figs with tangy goats cheese in this warming tart. The perfect start to your extravagant evening. See our range of roasting tins that will help you get an even bake, with no soggy bottoms or warping in the oven!

Fig, Onion & Goats Cheese Tarts



For the main course you’ll be wanting to turn up the flavour, so here’s two options for you to try. For meat eaters a chicken recipe that balances spice with sweet pomegranate perfectly. Or for a bright and filling dish without meat, try our Mixed Veg Paella, a take on that classic Spanish meal made with a warm and flavourful stock. Try for yourself and test out your culinary skills with our versatile Stock Pots and Casserole pots with high-low non stick technology.

Harissa Roasted Chicken Thighs With Pomegranate Seeds And Cous Cous

Mixed Vegetable Paella



Time to get swanky with this show stopping dessert. Not just a chocolate dessert, but double chocolate, combining cherries and chocolate chunks on top with chocolate even swirled through the meringue. Set this chocolatey, indulgent pavlova mountain in the centre of the table and step back to accept the praise and applause!

Chocolate Cherry Pavlova


We hope your inner chef is swooning this Valentines as much as your loved ones. Let us know in the comments if any of our recipes made it to your table and share your romantic culinary inventions with us on our social channels.