“I love Circulon so much! I only buy their cookware. This frying pan is lovely and big but not too heavy. It fries perfectly without any food sticking to the pan."


"THE BEST PANS YOU WILL EVER INVEST IN!!!!! So easy to clean. Depending on what you have cooked, just a quick wash with warm soapy water. NO BUCKLING IN A HOT OVEN. Food cooks evenly.  Add to basket, you won't regret it."


“Circulon rocks. All my pans, saucepans & baking trays are circulon, great products that last. Treated myself to the roaster & rack now too."


“Amazing! The best pans I've ever had (& I've tried loads over the years), I don't like using oil for frying, and with this pan I don't need to, so I can have fried eggs which I love, without them being greasy. ”


“Been using Circulon for donkey's years for just about everything. are they cheap? Certainly not. Are they quality? Certainly yes! It's the old adage - 'buy cheap, buy twice (or more)'. This brand is as good as it gets."


Next-generation technology for next-level cooking. 
Circulon. The greatest thing since nonstick.

Cook without limits

We’ve spent decades inventing so you can cook confidently.
Circulon. Engineered for fearless cooks.

cook without worry

We design our cookware to tackle your biggest cooking problems.  Circulon. Designed with you in mind.



We design our cookware to tackle your biggest cooking problems - so you can cook without limits. Be the cook you want to be. The master of a thousand recipes. Fearless in the face of any challenge. No more scratched pans. And no more flaking nonstick.