Welcome to fearless cooking

At Circulon we know cooking can have its challenges.

That’s why we design cookware to tackle your biggest cooking problems, so you can feel fearless in the kitchen. 

Circulon pioneers groundbreaking technologies that help home cooks feel confident and courageous in the kitchen.

Build for bold cooking.

You can be the cook you want to be. The master of a thousand bold recipes. Fearless in the face of any challenge.

Circulon means no more scratched pans. No more scrubbing steel. And no more flaking nonstick.

Because worrying about burning, sticking, flaking, and cleaning stops you from enjoying great food. So it's time to feel pride in every meal you make: confident it's cooked perfectly and safe to eat.

Since inventing the world’s first nonstick hard-anodized pan, we’ve pushed the limits of cookware for over 35 years. Every insight, and every breakthrough, transforms how you cook.

Circulon. Built for bold cooking.

Guaranteed to last a lifetime

We care about providing you with high performing non-stick cooking and understand how important it is that your cookware can withstand the rigours of the everyday kitchen.

That’s why our cookware comes with our Circulon hassle-free lifetime guarantee, designed to make sure that you always get the most out of your non-stick cookware.

The reliability and performance of our products means you’ll be cooking with confidence for years to come - which we believe is just the way it should be.

From our factory to your kitchen

The foundation of our cookware begins in our factories. From the beginning, Circulon has manufactured its own cookware, controlling the entire process from raw materials to finished products.

Manufacturing everything from hard-anodized cookware featuring our steel and non-stick circles, to durable and reliable equipment that compliments your cooking, Circulon will change how you think about your kitchen.

Our history

Since 1985, Circulon has committed to excellence in crafting the best nonstick cookware. Cook boldly with our state-of-the-art range of long-lasting cookware you can count on.


Hard-Anodised Non-Stick

Circulon founded in 1985 with the invention of hard anodised non-stick cookware


Introduced TOTAL® non-stick

A hard wearing non-stick system featuring our unique system of high-low circles

Cookware Quiz

Introduced SteelShield™ Hybrid Non-stick

The first hybrid stainless steel non-stick pan. Often imitated, never bettered!

Winner of Excellence in Housewares 2021

Crowned winner thanks to our pioneering SteelShield™ technology

Extreme Non-Stick Pans

Introduced ScratchDefense™ Non-stick

A non-stick that is 130x longer-lasting than our closest competitor