Hosting The Perfect Vegan Christmas

Hosting The Perfect Vegan Christmas

13 November 2023

With an estimated 3.5 million vegans in the UK, more people than ever are opting for a plant-based diet with both health and environmental benefits in mind. In this post we share some of our favourite festive vegan dishes that will bring seasonal cheer to every plant-based eater on your guest list!
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Recreate traditional Christmas dishes with plant-based ingredients, or create your own traditions with these vegan recipes.

Planning a plant-based Christmas?

With an estimated 3.5 million vegans in the UK, more people than ever are opting for a plant-based diet with both health and environmental benefits in mind. It is likely you will be hosting at least one vegan at your Christmas table this year, or you may be looking for vegan options for yourself.

One of the joys of a vegan lifestyle is discovering how to recreate traditional dishes using plant-based ingredients, or starting new traditions with spectacular vegan dishes packed with flavour.

Here are suggestions on how to craft a perfect vegan Christmas:

Vegan Christmas Dinner Main Courses

Rather than serving your sides up around a joint of meat, it is important to choose a vegan centrepiece which can still mop up the gravy.

Cranberry Mushroom Lentil Loaf

This cranberry mushroom lentil loaf is simple to gather together in a large loaf tin and is topped with a tart layer packed with cranberries which pop at every bite.

Try the cranberry mushroom loaf recipe from A Virtual Vegan

Spiced Whole Baked Cauliflower

Prove that vegetables can truly be the main event with this fabulous spiced whole baked cauliflower, served on a bed of lentils dotted with festive sparkling pomegranate seeds. Once the cauliflower is prepared in a roasting tin, it only has a roasting time of 90 minutes, and is a great fuss-free recipe if you want a more relaxed Christmas day.

Try the spiced baked cauliflower recipe from Healthy Green Kitchen

Vegan Wellington

Want to show off your vegan culinary skills? This vegan Wellington puts a twist on a classic with a smoky beet filling. Layered with rich mushroom duxelles and wrapped in flaky vegan pastry, prepare for gasps at the table when you reveal the dark pink filling. You'll need both a heavy bottomed frying pan and a baking tray for this recipe.

Try the recipe for vegan Beet Wellington from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Vegan Christmas Dinner Sides


It isn't a Christmas dinner without gravy - and using the magic of seasoning and nutritional yeast (a mainstay in vegan cooking) you can recreate both chicken and beef gravy for a vegan Christmas dinner.Make plenty of gravy and keep it warm in a stockpot, as it will prove to be popular!

Try the recipe for vegan gravy from VE Eat Cook Bake

Pigs in Blankets

Those experiencing their first vegan Christmas will likely be missing pigs in blankets, so recreate them using smoky vegetarian sausages and puff pastry (most supermarket brands are vegan). You'll need a good quality nonstick baking tray.

We recommend Exceedingly Vegan’s vegan pigs in blankets recipe.

Crispy Roast Potatoes

You can't go wrong with a perfectly crispy golden roast potato - and its easy to keep them vegan. Just make sure you cook them in a plant-based fat with a high smoking point - we suggest giving coconut oil a try.

Follow our guide to the Perfect Crispy Roast Potato 

Vegan Christmas Desserts

Traditional Christmas desserts can be easily adapted using dairy-free alternatives.

Vegan Mince Pies

These cherry and hazelnut vegan mince pies are deliciously festive and feature an amazing flaky pastry. Prepare in a muffin tin and fill deep with mincemeat.

Try the recipe for vegan mince pies from BBC Good Food

Vegan Christmas Pudding 

Vegans won’t miss out on a Christmas classic with this brandy-heavy vegan Christmas pudding recipe. Top with a plant-based cream alternative.

Get the recipe for vegan Christmas pudding from A Virtual Vegan

Yule Log

If you’re seeking an indulgent headline dessert, this vegan take on a traditional yule log is heavy with moreish chocolate icing wrapped around chocolate vegan sponge. One slice of this and none of your guests will be missing dairy. 

You'll want a sturdy nonstick baking tray for this recipe.

Try the recipe for vegan yule log from Bosh!

Are you creating a vegan Christmas this year? Snap your vegan centrepieces and tag us on Instagram @circulonuk