Find your fearless recipe

Find your fearless recipe

19 May 2021

Celebrating the launch of our boldest cookware yet – C Series with SteelShield – with the top fearless recipes, chosen by you.

In a recent story on our Instagram page @CirculonUK we asked what fearless cooking means to you. We wanted to find out what are the recipes that you save but aren’t quite brave enough to make. Those meals you’d love to try, but fear failing, maybe you’re even worried about things burning or sticking.

So to mark the launch of our latest range and celebrate the fearless cooks we want to help you become, we are putting together some of the most fearless recipes, as suggested by our Instagram followers. This is food to impress!



The most fearless of cooking methods, to flambé is to play with fire and master the flame. What could be braver? In our latest launch of Circulon SteelShield™ and our C Series range, celebrity Chef Marcus Wareing demonstrated flambéing perfectly while creating a vermouth and tarragon sauce in our C Series chef’s pan.


Poached eggs

How many times have you asked yourself, “why hasn’t my poached egg worked?” If you’ve ever ruined a perfect breakfast because of a stringy egg white then you’ll understand why a poached egg is considered a fearless recipe to so many. The answer to a perfectly cooked poached egg is really freshness. Don’t beat yourself up too much when you see celebrity chefs breezing through the poaching process, because chances are, their eggs are the freshest of the fresh. But you can still be bold and cook these little delights at home, you just need a simple trick if your eggs aren’t quite as fresh – strain your egg through a fine tea strainer before placing into your simmering pan. This will eliminate that stray egg white that usually leaves your pot a stringy white mess.


Pancake flipping

Between poached eggs and pancake flipping, surprisingly pancakes came out as the more fearless recipe in our Instagram poll! This makes us wonder how often your pancakes are turning into mush, and how often does the perfect pancake flip go to pot? A terrific pancake toss requires two things: great wrist action and unbeatable nonstick. Without these, the pancake flip does seem like a fearful activity, but with the right tools for the job you can flip without fear. Try it out with one of our best nonstick fry pans and this tasty recipe of Blueberry Crepes With Cream & Honey.



To so many of us, a good steak is something we only get at restaurants. But why would we deny ourselves this delicious treat when it could be so easily made. Our latest cookware innovation has been designed for exactly these situations. Searing meat is an artform, but with SteelShield™ technology, we help you become the artist. Cook like you’re using stainless steel, and achieve that precise sear, but clean up like nonstick. This new range is the best of both worlds, making the perfect steak an achievable goal.



You told us that anything with seafood is a potentially fearful experience, but in particular, mussels. If you can master the mussel, you’re a truly fearless chef in our eyes. With mussels comes an air of luxury that’s sure to dazzle friends and family. All the hard work and skill is really in the preparation, once you’ve honed this stage, the rest is easy. Check out this guide to prepping mussels from BBC Good Food and try our latest recipe for Mussel Broth With Tomato and Garlic featuring our latest SteelShield™ range.


Chinese steamed buns

Steamed buns, Chinese dumplings or bao buns. Whatever you call them, this flavour filled dish has been popping up everywhere and has definitely become a trendy food item. But how many of you would attempt to make them at home? Unless you’ve been passed down a family recipe, you might think twice about trying these out in your own kitchen, but in fact, they don’t have to be as complex as you think. This fearless dish, can help you feel like a fearless chef! Try this Steamed Chinese Pork Buns recipe from Instagram’s @eddmifflin to see exactly how easy these little pockets of joy can be. You don’t even need a steamer, just a steamer insert within your own large covered wok or pan.



Now’s the time to be brave in the kitchen safe in the knowledge that your Circulon cookware will not let you down. All our fearless meal ideas were chosen by our followers on our Instagram page, but if you have any more suggestions just let us know in the comments or share your photos with us on our social platforms.

Find out more about our latest innovation to help you cook without fear – with SteelShield™ technology.