Circulon non-stick frying pans & skillet pans feature Hi-Low grooved interior, so food won't stick - guaranteed

Frying Pans & Skillets

If you want to make the most of your home cooking experience and require versatility in the kitchen, look no further than our incredible range of non-stick frying pans and skillets.


Whether you’re creating the perfect morning fry up or expertly searing a succulent piece of sirloin steak, Circulon skillet pans incorporate our patented Hi-Low Non-Stick system, which is proven to provide outstanding performance.  Our premium frying pans are designed to ensure perfectly seared food every single time.

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Circulon non-stick frying pans & skillet pans feature Hi-Low grooved interior, so food won't stick - guaranteed

Frying pans and skillets FAQs

Q: What are the benefits of a Circulon skillet pan?
Our skillet pans are carefully crafted with our Hi-Low Non-Stick system. Patented to Circulon, this specially designed system combines a relaxed Hi-Low wave technology (noted by the raised circle interior) with the most advanced, safe non-stick coating available on the market today. Unique to Circulon, you won’t find this ground-breaking technology anywhere else! If you're looking for more than just a frying pan, you can create your own cookware bundle and get 15% off when you buy three or more items.

Q: Are your skillets PFOA-free?
Absolutely! We pride ourselves on the time and effort we’ve put into making our pans free from any harmful materials or coatings, so we can confidently say all our skillets and frying pans are PFOA-free. We work hard to ensure every piece of our PFOA-free cookware is manufactured without the use of this potentially harmful chemical. As always, the safety of our customers is paramount to us, so Circulon continues to use alternative PFOA-free materials instead, made with safe and effective technologies. We offer a huge range of PFOA-free cookware so we've got a perfectly save option for whatever task you've got planned in the kitchen.

Q: What are frying pans and skillets used for?
The clue is in the name with these handy pieces of cookware – frying pans and skillets are perfect for shallow frying, flipping food such as pancakes, and high-heat searing on steak or fish to get that perfectly sizzled exterior on your food that everybody knows and loves. Q: What are the benefits of hard anodised skillets? Here at Circulon, you can benefit from a range of skillet pans that have been meticulously refined from heavy-gauge, hard anodised aluminium. This robust material is twice as tough as stainless steel, giving these selected frying pans outstanding durability that is sure to stand the test of time within any kitchen.

Q: Can frying pans go in the oven?
The simple answer is yes! All Circulon frying pans and skillets can be popped in the oven during your cook. As each pan differs slightly from one to another, be sure to look out for our “oven-safe” stamp on the description and double-check the maximum temperature your non-stick frying pan or skillet is safe to use in the oven.

Get non-stick frying pans and skillets from Circulon today! Need further information before purchasing the perfect frying pan for you? Not a problem! We understand that choosing the perfect products to suit your lifestyle can be tricky. Simply contact our friendly team who will be happy to answer any queries you may have during your cookware quest. Fancy adding to your recipe repertoire? Head over to our fabulous food blog where you’ll find endless delicious dishes that are sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party.