Marcus Wareing's Green Peppercorn Sauce

Marcus Wareing's Green Peppercorn Sauce

20 July 2022

The perfect accompaniment to a beef dish, Marcus Wareing gives his take on the traditional peppercorn sauce. Using green peppercorns rather than black or white gives a slightly more mellow taste. Finish with a flambe for a truly impressive ide for your steak. 
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Preperation Time


Cooking Time



Olive oil

2 diced shallots


Ground black pepper

2 tsps green peppercorns (chopped)

White button mushrooms (sliced)

2 tbso dijon mustard

1 tbsp wholegrain mustard


White wine

2 tbsp creme fraiche

50g butter (cubed)

Parsley (chopped)

Recipe guide


1Pre-heat your frying pan on the hob. Swirl your oil in the pan.

2Add your chopped shallots, a pinch of salt, and some black pepper to the pan. Sweat the shallots for a couple of minutes, then add the green peppercorns.

3Add almost all of the sliced mushrooms, keeping a few back to add at the end. Continue to swear the ingredients down for a couple more minutes.

4Add both types of mustard to the pan, and mix together well. Continue to heat.

5Pour in a good glug of brandy, then use a long chef's match to flambé. Once the flame dies down, that's when the alcohol has burnt off.

6Pour in a splash of wine to the pan, and stir through.

7Reduce the heat of the pan to low, and stir in the creme fraiche thoroughly. Check the seasoning, and add more salt and pepper if necessary.

8Add the cubes of butter, a pinch of parsley, and the sliced mushrooms you kept back from earlier. Finally, splash in a little more white wine.

9Decant the sauce into a clean saucepan to serve at the table.

This peppercorn sauce recipe from Marcus Wareing is an absolute gem when paired with your favourite beef dishes, bringing forth an explosion of flavour and sumptuousness.

The inclusion of green peppercorns lends a distinctively mellow and captivating taste, while the combination of Dijon and wholegrain mustard adds layers of richness and complexity.

Present this sauce alongside a flawlessly cooked steak and leave your guests awe-inspired by a captivating flambé finale. Remember to sprinkle some fresh parsley for that final touch of vibrancy. Revel in the exquisite symphony of flavours and elevate your dining experience to an unparalleled level of culinary brilliance.