Launching SteelShield™ VIP style

Launching SteelShield™ VIP style

16 June 2021

Launching a revolutionary new product demanded a world exclusive launch event with a fearless chef at the helm!

To celebrate the exciting launch of the Circulon Steelshield C Series range we wanted to do something truly bold to represent both our new branding and our latest innovation. Launching in such strange times has been a challenge, but we always wanted to give this new, innovative range the fanfare it deserves.


We wanted someone special to come on board, someone we knew was daring, confident and fearless in the kitchen, everything that represents the essence of the Circulon brand. We found the perfect person. Someone with a Michelin star to their name, someone we’ve seen elevate both home cooks, aspiring chef and professional chefs and bring out the fearless cooks in us all – It’s Marcus Wareing! We welcomed Marcus into our Circulon kitchen along with some of our favorite home cooks, chefs and retailers via live video feed for the ultimate covid-safe cook-along event.

“There’s nowhere this pan hasn’t been in my kitchen… and I can’t fault it in any way. It holds the heat, it cooks well and the nonstick is outstanding.”

– Marcus Wareing

After trying out the pans (and loving them) Marcus created a delicious bespoke recipe for all our virtual guests to cook along in their own kitchens.  During the event he then guided our guests through this recipe, live, giving expert feedback along the way.


Marcus’ recipe - Mustard Glazed Chicken with spiced Cos Lettuce and a Tarragon Vermouth Velouté. This isn’t just any recipe. This is a gutsy recipe that will push the limits of our home chef’s culinary abilities. The aim, to feel fearless in the kitchen and confident in the resulting dish.

“I learnt so much in the cookalong and what an amazing opportunity”

– @Hey_Renu Food Blogger


If you want to try out this dish in your own kitchen find the full recipe created by Marcus himself here.


Chef Marcus was one of the very first people to try out the C Series range and put our SteelShield™ technology through its paces, ready to share his experiences with our guests at the launch event. 

 Circulon | Launch Event | Marcus Wareing

Despite the restrictions due to Covid-19 we were thrilled to create this world first cook-along live online featuring Chef Marcus and our own Design and Innovation team member MJ as the hosts. Guests not only cooked alongside Marcus Wareing live, they were also able to ask questions via video feed, check their progress and have a Michelin starred chef sharing top tips to cook boldly.

The result of this exclusive launch event? It was a complete success. The dish was a perfectly brave recipe to mark the occasion. Each element of the dish required using our C Series chef’s pan in different and daring ways including the ultimate in fearless cooking – flambéing. Nothing pleased us more than seeing the screen filled with the blazing pans of our fearless guest chefs.


“It was so nice to see everyone cooking and even though it was virtual, it really was such a great reminder of how food brings people together”

 Emma, Guest

 Circulon C Series | Marcus | Flame

The event was a fantastic way to launch the new SteelShield™ C Series range while getting some fantastic reviews from both Marcus Wareing and our special guests! Find out more about our brand new range here and get ready to change cooking as you know it.

 Circulon | Marcus Wareing | cookalong