Can you use Induction Pans on Gas Hobs?

Can you use Induction Pans on Gas Hobs?

12 January 2022

Induction hobs are a fairly new introduction to modern life. First launched in the 1970s and mainly used in the food service industry, it’s only in the past couple of decades that people have started embracing the advantages of induction cooking at home. Because of this, many don’t understand the intricacies of induction hobs.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions around the use of induction pans on gas hobs, so you can whip up your favourite dishes with confidence.

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Perhaps you’re moving house and have found yourself with a gas hob instead of an induction stovetop. You may be wondering what to do with your induction-specific cookware. Will you still be able to use it, or do you need to buy a whole new set of pots and pans? And if you can use them, are there any advantages to using induction pans on gas?

Are Induction Pans Suitable for Cooking on Gas Hobs?

Induction pans are made of ferrous, magnetic material to ensure optimal performance when used on an induction hob. Iron or iron-based materials such as steel are usually the only material compatible with an induction hob.

You can use almost all Induction Pans on Gas Hobs without damaging them. There are only two exceptions to this rule. If the base of the pan is on the thin side or if the underside of the pan has been sprayed with a magnetic or non-stick layer, you should not use it on a gas element.

Can you use Frying Pans & Saucepans made for Gas Cooking on Induction Hobs?

Frying Pans, Saucepans or Sauté Pans made from aluminium, brass and copper typically won’t work with an induction hob, unless they have been specifically designed for induction use. You will be able to tell if this is the case by checking the bottom of the pan for the distinctive coil symbol, which indicates the pan is suitable for induction cooking.

You can also hold a magnet to the base of the pan and see how firmly it clings to the pan. If the magnetic force is strong, the pan is designed for induction use.

Stainless steel pans usually won’t be compatible with induction either, unless they have a base made of magnetic-grade steel.

Are there any benefits to using induction pans on gas?

Yes! While many benefits of induction cookware only apply when used on an induction hob, there are several benefits to using induction pans on gas.

Induction cookware is made from high-quality materials and can heat up quickly and evenly. This means food cooked in Induction Pans typically remains hot for longer, so there'll be no cold paella here!

Induction pans are also corrosion-resistant, meaning they’re more likely to last a long time. They’re nice and easy to clean too!

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