What type of cook are you?

What type of cook are you?

27 October 2016

At Circulon we love hearing about your latest foodie creations and what inspires you to get cooking in the kitchen.
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At Circulon we love hearing about your latest foodie creations and what inspires you to get cooking in the kitchen. So much passion goes in to creating the perfect dish and whether it’s a three course dinner for friends or a family Sunday lunch, we appreciate that our foodie fans are always pushing the boundaries to create the very best. With so much ‘food for thought’ (excuse the pun!) the way you cook in the kitchen got us thinking about the different styles we use when cooking up a storm. After much debate at Circulon HQ we arrived at the four most common cooking personalities – Hot Headed, Freestyler, Chemist or Perfectionist. So which one are you?

If you’re Hot Headed...

You’ll be of the opinion that this is your kitchen and you’re the boss. What you say goes, you know where everything is, you know exactly what you’re doing.

If you’re a Freestyler…

You’ll really know how to get creative in the kitchen. With a splash of this, a drizzle of that, cooking is fun and often accompanied by a glass of wine! – There’s no limits and improvisation is key.

If you’re a Chemist…

You’ll love the new, the unusual, the different. You’ll always be looking for food inspiration and ways to test your skills. You’re also constantly ready to experiment and nothing stops your hunger for the unexpected.

If you’re a Perfectionist…

Everything has its precise place in the kitchen and on the plate. Your ingredients will be perfectly chopped and evenly spaced to the millimetre. Clean and pristine, washed up and back in the cupboard all ready for your next culinary delight.

We’ve had some great feedback from our Circulon cooks so far;

“I would say that I’m a perfectionist, so much so that if it isn’t right I won’t serve it.”

“I’m a hot head, just like Gordon but I get the job done and make sure it tastes delicious when I serve.”

“I’m a freestyler – chuck it in, turn up the heat and hope for the best.”,

So what are you waiting for?

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