What can I cook in a stock pot?

What can I cook in a stock pot?

1 September 2023

Stock pots, by definition, are ideal for cooking stock, but there are other things you can cook in one. Discover the hidden potential of stock pots beyond their traditional role in cooking stock. Explore various dishes you can prepare using this versatile kitchen essential.

What can you cook in a stock pot?

A stock pot is a large, wide pot with two handles. The base of the stock pot is typically thin and flat. This design helps it heat up quickly and simmer evenly for a long time, which is necessary to cook stock. There are stainless steel and non-stick aluminium and enamel varieties.

Stock pots, by definition, are ideal for cooking stock, but there are other things you can cook in one.

Cooking stock in a stock pot

If you’re looking for a stock pot that you can cook stock in, you’ll want to consider the size and quality of the pot.

Stock pots vary in size. If you’re keen on making meat-based stock, ensure you have a stock pot that is large enough to fit a chicken in, as well as all your vegetables.

The type of material your stock pot is comprised of can also affect the quality of your cooking experience. Going for an anodised aluminium stock pot can be slightly more of an investment but it’s worth it for quick, even cooking. These pots are typically higher in durability too, meaning they’ll last longer.

How long should you cook stock in a stock pot?

In a stock pot, it can take anything from one to six hours to cook, depending on your recipe.

If you’re thinking about using alternative cooking equipment, you can expect it to take about seven to eight hours in a Crockpot or a slow cooker.

What else can I cook in a stock pot?

Your stock pot can serve multiple purposes, so let’s take a closer look at what exactly your stock pot works well with.

Pasta and spaghetti

You can cook pasta or spaghetti in a stock pot. This works especially well if you want to simultaneously cook stock and use it to flavour a tasty pasta meal. The extra flavour kick comes from the pasta absorbing the stock. Meanwhile, during the cooking, starch from the pasta dissolves into the stock, thickening it and giving it a sauce-like texture.


Stock pots can also be great for cooking rice, as they’re often made from aluminium and stainless steel. These materials distribute heat evenly, preventing the rice from sticking to the base. Stock pots also offer easy draining, which comes in handy with rice.


Chilli is ideal to cook in a heavy-duty pot, made of steel and aluminium, which allows you to simmer several ingredients. This allows the strong chilli flavour to absorb into the other ingredients without it being overpowering.

Our recipe for Chunky Steak Chilli can be cooked in a stock pot or a casserole dish.

Soup & Stew

Pumpkin soup in a Circulon stock pot

Many people like to buy a dedicated soup pot to cook soups and stews, but it’s also possible to use a stock pot for this. The main difference between the two is that the base of the stock pot is thinner.

Just make sure that you keep an eye on your soup and stir it frequently, as you can expect it to come to a boil quicker in a stock pot.

Try our recipe for this Vegetarian Harira Soup Recipe.

Is there anything I should avoid cooking in a stock pot?

A stock pot is a useful piece of kitchen gear, but there are instances when another pan might be more appropriate to what you are cooking, such as the following:


Stock pots are versatile, but curry is best cooked in something else. To cook a curry, use a heavy frying pan that has a thick base. The thicker bottom prevents your curry from burning and the lower walls allow you to freely stir your spoon or spatula around the pan.

Sautéed or fried food

In general, anything that requires you to sauté the ingredients should not be done in a stock pot, but rather in a frying pan or sauté pan. This means you can brown meat and vegetables without running the risk of burning them on a stock pot’s thin base.

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