The New Circulon Brand

The New Circulon Brand

29 March 2021

Hello fearless cooking, hello to a new look and feel for the Circulon brand, but with it, a new way of thinking. Be the cook you want to be. Fearless in the face of any challenge. Welcome to Circulon.

Our brand new look isn’t just about new colours and a new logo. It’s about a new way of thinking. At our core is fearless cooking innovation, meaning our purpose is to help you feel empowered in the kitchen. We exist to make you feel confident and courageous; to fearlessly express all of your culinary passions, safe in the knowledge that our products will not fail you and that the results will always be fantastic. After 35 years of innovation you can trust us to develop the best cookware; influenced by decisions based on insight and years of expertise, and we want our new brand to reflect this.


With our new brand comes a way of thinking that begins with you, our consumer. Our first port of call for our pioneering technologies will always be to find the real-life pain points of real people. From listening to how you cook and use your kitchen products, we can produce products that offer serious functional benefits, from safety to durability. In fact, in a recent survey we found that 76% of respondents were concerned about their nonstick cookware becoming damaged during cooking, and 70% cited health and safety as a top concern when it comes to nonstick cookware. We believe having a solution to these concerns will lead to powerful emotional benefits like reducing your fear and anxiety, as well as increasing your confidence in the kitchen. This feeling of fearlessness is what Circulon is all about.

Circulon means no more scratched pans. No more scrubbing steel. And no more flaking nonstick. Because worrying about burning, sticking, flaking, and cleaning stops you from enjoying great food. So it’s time to feel pride in every meal you make: confident it’s cooked perfectly and safe to eat. Since inventing the world’s first nonstick hard-anodized pan, we’ve pushed the limits of cookware for over 35 years. Every insight, and every breakthrough, transforms how you cook.


We may have changed our look, but our famous circles will always sit at the heart of our brand. Since 1985 our unique circular technology has guaranteed nonstick performance and have continued to play a huge role in our technological advancements. So our radiating circularity is here to stay both in our branding and in our cookware advancements.

So you can be the cook you want to be. The master of a thousand bold recipes. Fearless in the face of any challenge. Welcome to Circulon. Welcome to fearless cooking

This isn’t the only new thing coming to the Circulon world. a revolutionary product launch is now here and will change the way you cook. See our featured SteelShield C Series products and check out our social platforms for more info.