It's all in our signature circles...

It's all in our signature circles...

7 December 2016

At Circulon we are renowned for our signature circle technology and for thirty years, our cookware has been uniquely crafted with our 3-layer Premium TOTAL® non-stick system of circles.
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It’s all in the circles…

At Circulon we are renowned for our signature circle technology and for thirty years, our cookware has been uniquely crafted with our 3-layer Premium TOTAL® non-stick system of circles.

Our innovative non-stick system is integral to every single one of our products, and makes Circulon stand out from the crowd as it continues to outperform other non-stick brands.

We’re often asked what makes Circulon so special and how our pans achieve such exceptional results? After creating thousands of culinary delights in the kitchen, how does Circulon continue to stand the test of time?

It’s all in the technology…

The secret to our durable and long lasting non-stick technology is our innovative system of unique hi-low circular grooves combined with a robust, state of the art non-stick coating, applied across our range of frying pans and saucepan sets.

Featured in each of our pan ranges, the circular grooves have been incorporated to enhance cooking performance and reduce abrasion.,

So how does this help with your cooking?

In every Circulon product, food is cooked and released across the whole surface of the pan.

The raised circular grooves (‘hi’ area) allow a fraction of the cooking surface to take the abuse of the utensils, therefore protecting the majority of the cooking surface (‘low’ area).

This prevents everyday wear and tear, ensuring our products deliver an optimum cooking performance. This ingenious process helps to significantly reduce abrasion creating an exceptional non-stick surface. Circulon cookware will not only last longer, but it will also deliver an outstanding cooking performance – time after time. Our signature circular grooves are also cleverly designed to create air pockets for exceptional food release.

The natural fats released during the cooking process land in the air pockets delivering enhanced flavours and cooking food to perfection. This ingenious process also means there’s little or no need for oil, which makes for healthier dishes every time whatever your culinary creation.,

It’s not just the inside that counts…

Circulon features a non-stick exterior as well as interior, thanks to our innovative technology that applies the non-stick coating to both the inside and outside of the product.

Not only does this make for easy cleaning, but it also means that our products won’t stain, scratch or chip (as a result of the hard-anodizing process). The functional design and construction of every one of our pans doesn’t compromise the style of our cookware. By using the best quality materials for superior pan construction, Circulon delivers a lifetime of outstanding strength, durability and performance in the kitchen. ,

For the ultimate Circulon experience, why not try our new Ultimum range?

With two new collections, this stunning new cookware has been designed with the proficient cook in mind, featuring the new Ultra Total non-stick system.

The Ultimum High Density Forged Aluminium range features a forged edge-to-edge induction base meaning it is suitable for all hob types, whilst the reinforced base and rim guarantee perfect, fast, even heating and no warping. With its easy clean patented flat rivet surface design, the range is metal utensil safe ensuring permanent non-stick durability.

The Ultimum Stainless Steel range comes with all the durability of stainless steel with the convenience of Circulon’s Ultra Total non-stick system. Featuring riveted stainless steel fittings for greater strength and durability, the range is also metal utensil safe.

The stainless steel cookware and handles are ideal for hob top cooking as well as withstanding high oven temperatures and come with proven dishwasher safe technology.

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