How to Cook a Braising Steak in a Frying Pan

How to Cook a Braising Steak in a Frying Pan

31 October 2023

There’s nothing better than a delicious steak – especially when it’s a braising steak – so follow our advice to learn how to cook a braising steak in a frying pan to perfection.

The quest to cook your favourite cuts of meat in just the right way is one that will go on forever, as chefs and home cooks search for better and better techniques. And when you know how good well-cooked meat can be, it’s frustrating when your current methods just aren’t producing the results that you want.

There’s nothing better than a delicious steak – especially when it’s a braising steak – so follow our advice to learn how to cook a braising steak in a frying pan to perfection.

What is a braising steak?

Cut from a variety of muscles, braising steak tastes best when it is slow-cooked. This is the most reliable way to create that tender, melt-in-the-mouth texture which is what we all chase when cooking a steak.

Braising steak can be used in a range of different dishes like beef pies, beef stews or – more commonly – in beef casseroles, which makes it an extremely versatile meat that can be a fun and rewarding ingredient with which to experiment in the kitchen.

Braising steak can be purchased from most supermarkets but you’ll get a better cut of meat when you visit a well-established butcher.

How long do braising steaks take to cook?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to cooking time, such as the type of cut, method of cooking and heat at which you are cooking.

There is no best way to cook tasty braising steak quickly as it must be cooked slowly in order to reach perfection. This can see the average cooking time being anywhere from one to three hours but this time will ultimately come down to the tenderness of the steak, so be sure to check your steak at regular intervals until it reaches the level of tenderness for which you are aiming.

Can I cook a braising steak in a frying pan?

The answer is yes - but you can't do it quickly. If you’re trying to determine how to cook braising steak quickly, unfortunately using a frying pan is not the answer. There are no shortcuts to cooking a braising steak, you need to give the meat a long, slow, cooking period to help it become tender. Trying to do it quickly will simply cause your braising steak to become tough.

Whilst pan frying your braising steak won’t get the job done quickly, it is still possible to use a frying pan to cook a braising steak and produce delicious results.

To successfully do this, you’ll need a solid frying pan that can withstand the pressures of long cooking times – make sure that you trust your pan to do this, or your steak may end up tough, dry and chewy with little flavour.

We highly recommend using a large frying pan with room for braising liquid. Using a chef's pan with a lid will give you even better results, thanks to its deeper sides. Chef's pans are excellent for 'all-in-one' style cooking, such as when you want to pan-fry a braising steak.

How to cook a braising steak in a frying pan

To pan-fry a scrumptious braising steak, you’ll want to make a cooking sauce in which the meat can simmer so that it absorbs the flavours and becomes tender. You might consider using beef stock or broth, or a can of chopped tomatoes as the base for your sauce, and then adding your own tasty twist. Here are some options to consider:

  • Season and sear your steak on all sides. Then remove the steak whilst you slowly caramelize some onions. When your onions are soft, return the steak to the frying pan along with beef stock, tomato puree and Worcestershire sauce. Add a lid, and let your braising steak simmer slowly for 1.5-2 hours, until tender.
  • Season and sear your steak on all sides. Remove the steak and add butter, garlic and fresh rosemary to your pan and let it cook for a moment before deglazing your pan with red wine. Return the steak to the fying pan, along with a can of chopped tomatoes. Cover your pan, and let your braising steak simmer slowly until tender.  

An extra tip is to put a lid on the pan, which helps to better retain moisture. This will help to make the meat as succulent as possible.


What is the best way to cook braising steak?

It’s absolutely possible to cook your braising steak flawlessly using several different methods and, depending on what dish you’re making, you might find yourself opting for different techniques. Here are a couple of the best ways to cook your braising steak.

Slow cooker

Braising steak cooks best when it is done slowly over a long period. This gives it extended exposure to moisture, which is the best way to create a texture that melts in your mouth when you eat it. This method is particularly useful when making stews as the beef can soak up the other flavours in the mix.


This is a great choice for cooking beef casseroles. Once you have finished creating the casserole mix in a pan, transfer the pan to the oven and cook until the beef is tender. As for how long the braising steak takes to cook in an oven, you’re looking at around one-and-a-half hours to ensure that it is cooked properly throughout.

We have some excellent and durable casseroles that are perfect for braising steak in the oven.

After a long cook, your pan is likely to require a little bit of extra attention so be sure to learn the most effective methods to getting your pan clean so that you’re ready for your next big dinner party.

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