Goatober - Ethical, Sustainable & Delicious

Goatober - Ethical, Sustainable & Delicious

1 October 2019

You’ve probably tried goat’s cheese and maybe even goat milk. Have you ever cooked with goat meat?
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You’ve probably tried goat’s cheese and maybe even goat milk. Have you ever cooked with goat meat? If the answer is ‘No,’ then you could be missing out on one of the most ethical, sustainable and delicious meats out there.

While female goats can produce milk, male offspring present a dilemma for dairy farmers. Each year, thousands of young billy goats are euthanised by farmers who cannot afford to keep them.

Determined to change this, former chef-turned-meat supplier, James Whestlor, set up ‘Goatober,’ a month long campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of goat meat as an alternative to beef and lamb. Goatober initially started in New York in 2011 and since then has grown to have events and participants around the world, from London, England to Melbourne, Australia.

The campaign aims to put a goat dish on restaurant menus and to encourage people to try cooking goat at home themselves, for all or part of October.

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If you’re new to cooking with goat and wondering where to start, we’ve found five delicious recipes which are sure to please even the pickiest of palettes.

Meat from older goats can have a strong and distinctive taste, making it a great choice for highly spiced dishes such as curries and stews. Kid meat - which comes from an animal which is six or seven months old - has a more subtle flavour, making it a great alternative to lamb.

If you’re having trouble sourcing goat meat, you can purchase it online from specialist suppliers including Cabrito and The Wild Meat Company.

1. If you’re looking to feed a crowd, break out the casserole pan for Nadia Hussain’s Goat Biriyani.

2. If you’re looking for pizza with a Turkish twist, try Food Urchin’s delicious sounding Goat Lahmacun.

3. Olive Magazine’s Low and Slow Goat Ragu with Orecchiete would make a fantastic Sunday lunch (and we bet the leftovers would taste pretty amazing too!) For best results, use our oven safe cookware and pop it in at a low heat for three hours.

4. The sweetness of the peaches in these Goat Kebabs with peaches, honey, almonds and mint complements the kid meat perfectly. Our grill pans ensure that they will get the perfect sear.

5. And finally, no list of goat recipes would be complete without that Jamaican classic, Goat Curry.

Image Source - BBC Good Food - bbc.co.uk