Gluten Free Traditional Pancake Recipe

Gluten Free Traditional Pancake Recipe

7 February 2023

Nobody needs to miss out this Pancake Day! Discover our gluten-free variation on a traditional pancake recipe that stays light - perfect for topping with your favourite berries!

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Makes 8 pancakes

Preperation Time

5 minutes

Cooking Time

8 minutes


200 grams of Gluten Free Plain Flour

2 eggs

500 ml of milk/non-dairy alternative

1 tbsp of sunflower oil OR 2 tbsp melted butter

Optional: a pinch of salt for savoury pancakes OR a pinch of caster sugar for sweet

Butter or oil for frying

Toppings of your choice


1Add the Gluten Free Flour (should not contain Wheat, Barley or Rye), eggs, half of the milk, sugar/salt, and melted butter/sunflower oil to a large bowl, jug, or food mixer and whisk into a paste. Whilst beating the paste, gradually add in the remaining milk until you have a batter that is thin consistency. Note: You may not need to use all the milk so ensure you add in a bit at a time

2 Leave the batter to rest for 10 minutes to rest or until you are ready to cook (can be kept for up to 12 hours in the fridge)

3 When ready to cook, heat a Circulon Non-Stick Frying Pan or Skillet (we used the Infinite French Skillet – 24cm) and add a teaspoon of butter or oil until it’s heated (it should foam/bubble when ready)

4 Once your Frying Pan is heated, add a ladle full of your Gluten Free Pancake Batter

5 Ensure you swirl or tilt your pan for an even spread of the mixture. Note: you don’t want the pancakes to be too thick so if there’s excess then pour back into your jug or bowl

6 Cook for around 1 minute until golden in colour underneath. Check carefully using a palette knife to ensure your pancake is ready and not undercooked or burning

7 Once golden on the underside, you’ll need to flip your pancake over carefully either by using a palette knife or by using the pan to do so combined with some quick wrist action – if you’re feeling brave enough. Smooth out any folds. Note: young people should be supervised carefully throughout, but during this step in particular

8 Cook for another 1 minute. Once cooked, tip out on to a plate and serve with your favourite toppings

9 Repeat the above process until you run out of batter!

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