Do you need special pans for an induction hob?

Do you need special pans for an induction hob?

12 January 2022

Though the first modern induction hob was introduced in the 1970s, they have only become popular in households in the past two decades. Due to this, many people aren’t aware of how induction hobs work, what the benefits are to using one, and what kinds of pans you need to get the most out of one.

If you’ve never cooked with an induction hob before, you may feel unsure or overwhelmed. There are different settings and buttons to get your head around, and it can’t be switched on the same way a gas or electric hob can be.

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions asked about induction hobs to help you get to grips with how they work and the many benefits they offer.

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What pans do you need for an induction hob?

Not all pans are the same and using the wrong ones could affect how well your hob performs. The fact is that you do need special pans for an induction hob.

Induction cooking heats a pot or pan via electrical induction, instead of through thermal conduction from a flame or electric element. This results in heat coming from within the pan, making induction cooking a much more efficient choice than gas or electric hobs.

Due to the way induction hobs work, you’ll need to use specific cookware to get the best results.

How can I tell if my pans can be used with an induction hob?

There are a few simple ways to tell if a pan can be used with an induction hob.

A coil symbol on the base of a pan is an indicator that it’s designed for induction cooking. Alternatively, you can use a magnet to test how effectively the pan will heat. The magnet should stick to the bottom of the pan and remain secure. If it sticks loosely to the underside of the pan, it’s likely it won’t heat evenly. This could affect the quality of your cooking.

Cookware that's suitable for induction cooking will have a flat base, as anything with a curved bottom doesn’t usually distribute heat efficiently.

What’s the difference between induction and gas hobs?

If you’re fitting a new kitchen, you may be wondering what kind of hob to choose.

While the installation of induction hobs can be costly, they are the most energy-efficient and therefore cheaper to run long-term.

Induction hobs also offer more precise temperate settings, unlike gas hobs, where it’s harder to choose an appropriate level of heat. This means an induction hob provides better control over how hot your pan is, reducing the risk of overcooking and making it easier to nail tricky dishes like risotto.

Are induction hobs safer than gas hobs?

When it comes to safety, induction hobs come out on top. With no open flame, the risk of a fire is much lower.

Induction hobs also have several safety features that further reduce the chance of something going wrong. For example, an induction hob will only turn on when it comes into contact with a magnetic pot or pan and the area surrounding the hob will remain cool to touch. This makes it the ideal choice for those with children, who could easily burn themselves if they touched an electric or gas element.

Is an induction hob faster than gas and electric?

Yes, it is! Cooking on an induction hob is much faster than using gas or electric. A pot of water on induction heat will boil in half the time it would take on a gas hob.

If you’re new to cooking on an induction hob, you may be surprised by how quickly your pans become hot. Oil and fat in particular can become hot very quickly, so be sure to keep an eye on it to prevent overheating. You may also find it helpful to prepare your ingredients before heating the pan so they’re ready to go in before the pan gets too hot.

The speed with which induction hobs perform means you can often use a lower heat setting than you would with alternatives. Play around with the temperature, starting on a low heat and adjusting it as necessary.

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