1 November 2018

Have you spotted the fantastic creations from our foodie bloggers made in their Circulon Pans for Life over the last few months?
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Have you spotted the fantastic creations from our foodie bloggers made in their Circulon Pans for Life over the last few months?

Joseph Cumberbatch of Kitchen with Cumbers, Sophie of Sophie’s Scran and Jelena Fairweather of into.trends rustled up some gorgeous creations in their Circulon Pans for Life to show you exactly what the innovative technology that’s gone into this high-quality cookware can help you to achieve.

We’ve been left feeling so inspired by their recipes that we’ve decided to provide you with a few extra ideas influenced by their choice of ingredients and recipes to give you even more reason to use your non-stick cookware.

Pesto Power

Sophie of Sophie’s Scran used her Circulon pan to cook a beautiful steak served with salsa verde. Basil and parsley are the stars of this tangy, herby accompaniment, and we don’t think they should be confined to simply seasoning dishes.

Let them shine by making a homemade pesto, by grinding basil, parsley, pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan cheese, a little garlic and salt in a mortar and pestle or food processor, and let it be the star of the show in your cooking - fresh pesto is guaranteed to taste so much better than shop-bought.

Spread your pesto onto homemade pizza dough and top with fresh mozzarella and basil for a flavoursome twist on an Italian classic, or stir a spoonful through bread dough - add in a few sundried tomatoes too, if you fancy - before shaping into rolls for a gorgeous accompaniment to a bowl of tomato soup.

Bolognese, But Not as You Know It

Joseph Cumberbatch of Kitchen with Cumbers joined in the #PansforLife fun by making a turkey mince bolognese, served with tagliatelle for a leaner twist on the classic dish, which got us thinking about other alternative ways to cook up this firm favourite.

Of course, you can always make it with lentils or chunks of diced beef instead of the usual mince, but have you ever thought about adding a generous spoonful of curry paste to your bolognese? This can add a gorgeous kick to a midweek meal - something you never realised spag bol needed, but trust us, it’s amazing.

Adding in a little grated dark chocolate to your usual bolognese is another fantastic way to enhance this dish, bringing an extra richness and depth of flavour to the meal to turn it into a much more sophisticated creation.

Pancakes: Gourmet-Style

Next up, Jelena Fairweather of into.trends used her Circulon French Skillet Pan to whip up a batch of mouth-watering apricot pancakes, showcasing that there’s so much more to pancakes than the traditional lemon juice and sugar, which we wholeheartedly approve of.

A hot salted caramel peanut sauce poured over a stack of American-style fluffy pancakes sounds too good to pass up, as does adding a small amount of red food colouring paste to your batter to make red velvet pancakes, which absolutely must be served with sweetened cream cheese.

You could even go savoury, adding cheese, garlic and herbs or chilli flakes to the batter, safe in the knowledge that all of that tempting melted cheese won’t stick to the bottom of your Circulon pan.