How to Cook Good Friday Fish to Perfection

How to Cook Good Friday Fish to Perfection

18 April 2019

It’s a Christian tradition to eat fish on Good Friday, and it’s a custom that’s crossed over into non-religious households too.
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It’s a Christian tradition to eat fish on Good Friday, and it’s a custom that’s crossed over into non-religious households too.

Fish needs cooking in a totally different way to meat, so it can take a little practice to get it perfect. Good Friday is a great opportunity to experiment - trust us, once you’ve cracked it, you’ll soon be rustling it up all year round.

How to Cook Salmon, Cod or Haddock

Salmon is the type of fish that lots of people turn to first, as it’s straightforward to cook and extremely tasty too. You can pan-fry, bake or grill salmon, depending on what you’re making, and it’s beautiful with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of dill to really enhance its flavours.

To pan-fry salmon, make sure all bones have been removed and place it skin-side down in a non-stick pan, cooking for around three minutes before turning it over and cooking it for another few minutes until you can see a change in its overall colour.

If you’re using cookware from Circulon, you won’t even need any oil, thanks to our innovative Total® non-stick technology, which can be found across our entire collection.

Salmon en Croute

One of our favourite ways to cook salmon is this salmon en croute recipe, which sees salmon covered in crème fraiche and watercress, before it’s wrapped in puff pastry and placed in the oven - it'd be absolutely delicious for Easter weekend, and even more show-stopping if you’ve got the time to make your own puff pastry.

Sear the salmon for a few moments on each side first to prevent it from making your pastry soggy during cooking - approach this in the same way as pan-frying, just for a shorter amount of time.

If you’re cooking white fish such as cod or haddock instead, bear in mind that you may need different seasoning to get the most from its flavour, but apart from that, it’ll require cooking in the same way.

When it comes to seasoning, parsley works well with cod, while haddock is delicious with a smoky flavour, which you can achieve by using paprika, garlic granules or even cayenne pepper for a real kick.

Switch Up Your Favourite Dishes with Fish

For meat eaters, chicken or beef mince tend to be what we add to the curries and pasta dishes we make time and time again, but why not switch them up a little by using fish instead?

Take a Mexican favourite like tacos, for example. They’re great for feeding a crowd, and using fish instead of chicken turns them into a whole new dish. Season and fry your fish before shredding it and placing it in taco shells, along with fresh salad, homemade guacamole and salsa, and any other accompaniments you fancy.

Fish works excellently in a creamy pasta sauce too, particularly when there’s a splash of white wine and some well-chosen herbs in there as well. Smoked salmon with a chunky pasta like tagliatelle or rigatoni would be our recommendation for a change from your usual chicken pasta.

If you fancy trying out a fish-based curry, fish like cod works especially well in a korma-style sauce made with coconut milk and fresh herbs and spices - Good Friday fish never tasted so good.

There’s Nothing Fishy About Our Cookware

The right cookware can go a long way towards helping you to get the best results when cooking fish. At Circulon, all of our cookware is non-stick, fast-heating and able to distribute heat evenly, which is exactly what you need for cooking fish to perfection.

If you’d like really crispy skin, you can place your frying pan under the grill, as our cookware is oven-proof up to variable temperatures.

Our pans and baking trays are dishwasher-safe too, so you can deservedly put your feet up after tucking into your delicious feast.

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