Circulon: The Serious Foodie’s Go-To Brand

Circulon: The Serious Foodie’s Go-To Brand

5 June 2019

There are few things we love more than seeing how our customers use our pans in their kitchens.
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Circulon: The Serious Foodie’s Go-To Brand

There are few things we love more than seeing how our customers use our pans in their kitchens. We might make #PansforLife, but we adore seeing how our pans are used every day - especially all the delicious-looking meals you make in them!

All of our cookware snd bakeware is non-stick, fast-heating, oven-proof, induction hob-suitable and dishwasher-safe, and every single piece comes with our hassle-free lifetime guarantee.

But what does this mean on a day-to-day basis?

Food That Slides onto Your Plate

Alice of @lowfodmapinspiration has used one of our Momentum Frying Pans to cook up a healthy, protein-packed breakfast frittata, which slid straight onto the plate thanks to our pans’ superior non-stick finish.

Alice said: “I’m so impressed with this pan! It’s completely non-stick as advertised. I can’t wait to try out more recipes using other pans from their range.”

When your pans are equipped with our high standard of cookware technology, you’ll feel this excited about cooking new recipes too.

Perfect for Entertaining

Sandhya Hariharan of @sandhyaskitchen has been loving the social element of our pans, taking her Momentum Casserole Dish from the hob to the oven to the table when rustling up a Thai green curry to share with loved ones.

Using just one pan for each different stage of the cooking process saves on washing up, with Sandhya saying she “can’t ask for any more!” from her cookware.

Our pans are perfect for dinner parties, and you can throw them straight in the dishwasher afterwards, so even if you do use a few in your meal prep, you won’t be left with loads of washing up once your guests have gone home.

Guaranteed Longevity

Do you remember Val from Bake Off? Val Stones from Doncaster won the nation’s hearts by baking love into everything she made, and with her kitchen-based dancing workouts too!

Val swears by using Circulon pans and bakeware in the kitchen, recently telling her Instagram followers over at @valcake.walks: “I’ve been using them since 1974 and I love them to bits. The pans have been working hard for me over the years and they are still immaculate inside.”

If they’ve supported her through decades of cooking for her family and in preparing for The Great British Bake Off, that’s a fantastic example of the longevity of our pans.

Great for a Quick Dinner

Our pans also great for rustling up a quick midweek meal, thanks to their fast, even-heating technology, which helps Jelena Fairweather of @into.trends serve up a tasty, nutritious feast of salmon with linguine, pesto, mixed vegetables and spinach in just 30 minutes.

Explaining how easy salmon can be to do midweek, Jelena said: “It’s easy to cook on the pan (using Circulon cookware, as it’s non-stick, so no oil required) or oven, as you don’t really need to keep an eye on it and are also free to do other things.”

All of our cookware is suitable for use on gas, electric and induction hobs and can go in the oven (up to variable temperatures), so it’s up to you how you decide to cook with the pieces in your collection.

Makes Washing up a Joy

Meanwhile, Joseph Cumberbatch of @kitchenwithcumbers has been rustling up sweet treats with his Circulon bakeware, using our Total® Non-Stick System to guarantee easy food release even when his chocolate and hazelnut babka made in his Momentum 2lb Loaf Tin ended up a little overdone.

Joseph said: “The non-stick system makes washing up a joy - even burnt chocolate - but if you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, it will be safe in there.”

Hazelnuts, sugar, caramel, chocolate - whatever you put in your bakes, you’ll never have to worry about spending hours scrubbing it off afterwards when you buy your bakeware from Circulon.

Just One Pan Needed

Joseph has also been taking advantage of the oven-to-table functionality of our cookware range, using one of our Momentum Frying Pans. He made a rhubarb tarte tatin, using just one pan “from start to finish, as it’s oven-proof and saves washing up”.

There might be lots of sticky rhubarb underneath that pastry crust, but our Total® Non-Stick System will make it a breeze to turn out onto a plate.

Circulon cookware is used, trusted and loved by the most passionate foodies. If you love cooking and take pleasure in the finest things in life, you need a Circulon pan in your kitchen. From stainless steel to hard-anodised, we have pans for everyone.

Ready to buy your Pan for Life? Shop our full collection here.