What is non stick cookware?

What is non stick cookware? Circulon non stick coatingWhat is non stick cookware?

Non stick cookware incorporates a non stick coating made from materials designed to prevent food from sticking to the pans surface during the cooking process. This non stick coating can be applied not only to cookware but also to bakeware.

Benefits of non stick cookware

  • Stops food sticking to the pan while cooking
  • Easier to clean
  • Healthier cooking as there’s no need to use oils
  • Better food release
  • No need to season pots and pans

Would the non stick coating hurt me if I were to ingest it?

No, the non-stick coating poses no hazard to your health. In the unlikely event that particles of the non-stick coating were to be ingested, there is no danger to your health as the coating is non-toxic.

Circulon non stick ranges:

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