The world’s most expensive stir fry, with ingredients costing £437, has been created by Circulon and award-winning chef Lisa Tse MBE, CEO of Sweet Mandarin restaurant, to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The opulent dish features only the finest of ingredients, including Wagyu beef, rare shimeji mushrooms, lobster, truffles and premium whisky.

Made using Chinese infused hoi sin sauce Wagyu beef, with tempura sweet chilli lobster and served with shimeji mushroom, sweetcorn egg fried rice infused with black truffle chilli oil, this record-breaking Chinese Surf & Turf, is an hour and a half to prepare, has 26 ingredients and takes 30-40 minutes to cook in the new Circulon Ultimum Wok, which has been designed specially for Asian cuisine.


Do you want to recreate the dish at home but can’t quite stretch to £437? Why not have a go at making The World’s Not So Expensive Stir fry?

Chinese infused hoi sin sauce steak with Tempura sweet chilli king prawns served with chestnut mushroom, sweetcorn and chilli egg fried rice make for a delicious alternative that you can try at home for a fraction of the price.


To celebrate Chinese New Year,  you can buy the Ultimum Wok priced at £125. Perfect for Asian cooking!


Take a look at our gallery to see behind the scenes shots of the video being made.