If any of your group cannot eat raw eggs, then omit them from the recipe. It won’t be quite as rich, but it will still be delicious!

Serves 8

Preparation time 30 Minutes



1 Make the coffee and pour into a shallow bowl to cool

2 Meanwhile make the filling. In a medium bowl mix the mascarpone cheese with the sugar and egg yolks and beat with your Circulon solid spoon until smooth.

3 Whip the cream and keep chilled

4 Dip the sponge fingers briefly into the coffee on each side then arrange half of them neatly in a rectangle shape on a deep plate or in a shallow bowl

5 Spoon on two thirds of the mascarpone mixture onto the soaked biscuits and carefully smooth over the top with your Circulon Turner

6 Dip the rest of the biscuits and arrange over the top then spread over the remaining mascarpone mixture

7 Pipe or spread over the whipped cream then grate over the chocolate or sprinkle on the cocoa powder to finish

8 Keep refrigerated until ready to serve, then slice and serve with your Circulon Turner