30 years of changing the way we cook

In 1985 we introduced Circulon – premiering a non-stick system so unique it was actually granted a patent when it was launched.

Our engineers were the first to successfully combine the superior strength and heat distribution of hard-anodized aluminium with a durable non-stick system, creating ‘hard-anodized non-stick cookware’; which, in practical terms, meant everyone could enjoy the convenience of ‘non-stick’, the forged strength of aluminium PLUS the performance and features of professional cookware and bakeware.

It’s hardly surprising that this proved to be a winning combination of benefits, which is how Circulon quickly grew to be one of the best-selling brands of cookware in the world.

But, we weren’t finished...

So, in 1989, we introduced cookware created with our TOTAL® non-stick system. Our hi-low groove circle technology is unique and still more advanced than anything found in other non-stick pans, even after almost 30-years on the market.

That’s how we continued to stand by our ‘Food Won't Stick for 10-Years’ claim which at the time revolutionised the non-stick cookware industry, as before this, non-stick cookware didn't offer guarantees or warranties at all. And why we were happy to introduce our even more confident lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Today, we continue to innovate, identifying the best ways to improve the superior quality and performance of our products just for you.

Our latest revolutionary range – the stunning Ultimum cookware and bakeware collections – showcases the unique Ultra TOTAL® Non-stick System with its new profile high-low circular grooves which significantly reduce abrasion, creating an exceptional ultra-smooth, non-stick surface.


And, we will continue to innovate, finding ways to make cooking better, easier, healthier and more satisfying for everyone who chooses Circulon.

So all you have to think about when you’re in the kitchen is a lifetime of exceptional cooking!


Some of the 1sts we’re proud to put our name to…

We’re the only cookware company who can claim to have pioneered:

We’re proud of our achievements. Being at the forefront of the cookware industry means that we are 100% committed to ongoing research, development and innovation, to ensure that we bring you the best performing cookware for your kitchen.

Our brand timeline shares our story with you and shows how Circulon has evolved over the past thirty years - from new ranges to advances in non-stick technology, we keep on innovating.

A winning combination of our insight and experience means you can trust Circulon as a reliable and knowledgeable brand, bringing you the best performing cookware for your kitchen.